GreyWolf™ Skid Steer Double Quick Attach Grapple

PN: 1066

The GreyWolf™ Skid Steer Double Quick Attach Grapple
is built to be heavy-duty.

This skid steer mounted grapple will attach to most buckets allowing for easy pick up and maneuvering of brush,
debris, and other items you're looking to transport or load using the power of your skid steer.

Retail Price: $2,299

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Manufacturer's 1 Year Warranty

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Ideal for Skid Steers or Skid Loaders with Standard Universal Quick Attachment


Maximum Pressure

Hydraulic Cylinder Bore

Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke

Hydraulic Fluid Type

Hydraulic Oil Capacity



5/8" Thick Tines with 3/8" Web Gusseting

3,000 PSI



Depending on Skid Steer

Depending on Skid Steer

49" x 34" x 36" (W x H x L)

620 lbs


  • Gray/Red powder coat finish
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Skid steer mounted double grapple that will attach to most buckets (see note below)
  • Quick attach plate constructed of 5/16" thick steel
  • Designed to attach to your skid steer’s quick attach plate and then use its own quick attach mount to couple to most buckets
  • Connected to and powered by your skid steer’s hydraulic system
  • Hoses and flat faced couplers included
  • Primarily used to be a universal grapple attachment for multiple buckets or other attachments

Please Note: Will not fit all attachments. The attachment that is connecting to the double quick attach grapple must have no more than 4.5" from the top surface of the attachment to the upper inner corner of the quick attach lip. Depending on the attachment’s construction, the grapple may not close tight to the attachment.

The grapple clamps should not be used for pushing or pulling trees, rocks, structures, or any other materials when in use. Their purpose is to clamp the load so it can be transported to a different location on the job site. They are designed to take the loads exerted on them by the hydraulic cylinders only. Any alternate loading or additional forced exerted on the clamps other than what the cylinders are capable of producing will void the warranty.


GreyWolf™ Attachments
are proudly manufactured
at K&M Manufacturing Co.
in Renville, MN.


GreyWolf™ Attachments are
shipped by Truck only.
Freight costs will be higher.
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GreyWolf™ Attachments are built using top grade USA steel
to bring you durability &
the highest quality product.


Our promise to you is to deliver
reliable & quality product. Every
time you order. Questions?
Call us at (888) 872-7116.

GreyWolf Attachments

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